Is a Business Plan Necessary?

The plain truth is, business owners of any size that take the time to outline what they will offer, what they’ll need to start and what their goals are more likely to succeed.

What exactly is a business plan? It really isn’t a mystery; it is your plan for making your business a success. Not only will a good business plan help you in securing funds for starting your business, it can help you think about every aspect of your business, from who you plan to sell your services to, to what you’ll need before you even start selling your services.

You might even find yourself avoiding some common pitfalls of smaller businesses, such as not anticipating enough funds to keep you going for the first year of business or realizing that you may need assistance in an area you don’t have experience in, such as technical support or bookkeeping.

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Why Bother With a Business Plan?

Business plans are a necessity if you are trying to get finance for a new business. Most investors or loan companies will not look at you twice unless you show them a detailed business plan.

Many people don’t bother with a plan as they feel it is not necessary. But you mainly need a business plan for yourself. The actual process of creating a business plan will do you wonders for the long term success of you business. As you work through your plan you will come across a list of questions which will highlight areas of your business which you may have overlooked or which need more research. Even if your not asked for a business plan it is well worth doing one and referring back to in the weeks and months to come.

So what makes a good one?

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Business Plan Services – The 5 Key Stages of the Process

Business planning can never be truly outsourced. If a contractor or consultant is brought into the process they may be allowed to take the lead, but the work will still require extensive collaboration between the entrepreneur or business managers and the contracted firm. This collaboration process will take a different shape depending on the specific firm you are working with, but should include these important stages: 

Interview Stage

After a contract has been signed (and perhaps even before) interviewing will occur where the consultant attempts to gather as much business information directly from the entrepreneurs or managers as possible. If there are multiple managers or founders, they will look to reconcile their different accounts of what the business is attempting to do and make the team aware of significant divergences. 

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